Rules and Requirements

Tue Jul 28, 2015 8:16 am by Masochist


- No Leeching!
- Stay potted at all times. Make sure to stay potted by at least +8.
- Examine option must be on for gear and stat/pot checks.
- The only ffa to be going on is a). If there are only two in fc who want to corp but must take others as they come and must be switched to ls , or b) Hunting for pet are only two permitted
- There is to be no other boss killing in fc unless its …

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Masochist's Introduction

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Masochist's Introduction

Post by Masochist on Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:13 pm

Hey guys, my name is Brandon, my RuneScape username is Masochist, I've been playing RuneScape since about 2006 since my friend from school got me into it, throughout my time of playing, I've been an active off and on player, I originally came through Welovecorp when browsing through the forums in 2009ish in search of learning how to do Corporeal Beast. I quickly fell in love Corporeal Beast and Welovecorp, I started showing up everyday for 15 hours a day (this was during summer time), in a matter of a week of small teams with Welovecorp I had gotten my first sigil being the Elysian Sigil (was worth just shy of 600M), a few days after that I had become a Bronze Star (at this time it was the lowest rank..), 3 days after that I quickly got promoted to a Silver Star with my activity being so high, the very next day I had been promoted to a Gold Star and officially an adder of Welovecorp, thank you to the owner at this time.. "The Oceana", throughout the years of being with Welovecorp I've have met several amazing people, and some not so amazing, encountered many wars with Zer0 PvM and Sigilpl0x and PSO alike, and became a very respectable member of WeLoveCorp.. It was until EOC came around where WeLoveCorp had come to an end.. I was devastated but continued my scaping sessions being an average of 10-15 hours a day.. it was a few months into EOC where I had realized I was missing something.. it was Welovecorp, 1st X Hurts at this time had access to Welovecorp and we had decided to re-open it together, her as owner and myself as co-owner, we were the only live Corporeal Beast mass (and still are today), we've encountered a few problems along the road but we're back and we're here to stay.. anyways, this is my story and I hope you've all learned a bit of the history of Welovecorp..

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